Week 12 Tute Prep-Final Proposal


I will be analysing three views journalism pieces:

Natasha Barrett’s ‘Why Kim Kardashian Is Good For Feminism’,

Jill Filipovic’s ‘How Kim Kardashian Killed the Term “Empowerment”’

and Dani Fleischer’s ‘Let’s Stop Pretending Kim Kardashian is a Feminist’

Analysing these subjective articles I hope to come to some sort of conclusion in regards to feminism and nudity-how she is portrayed in the media as these articles seem to share a mutual understanding that the celebrity challenges traditional stereotypes of women’s self confidence and body appreciation, believing it should not arise from being sexualized and acknowledged by men.

These articles differ in their opinion, presenting positive and negative portrayals of Kardashian’s characteristics and her impact on the public. I can then contrast the articles differing aspects and analyse how the authors use specific techniques to persuade the reader to adopting their viewpoint.

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