Assessment: Proposal for Individual Presentation

  1. The topic or subject area of the views-journalism items you are proposing to deal with in your 1st written assignment.

 The topic/subject that I will be addressing in the two chosen views-journalism articles fall under the umbrella of ‘gender equality’ – sexism and same-sex marriage.

  1. The headline/name of the items and information on where and when they were published.
  1. a) “Why women-only ride-sharing is revolutionary” by Deirdre Fidge

  1. b) “What can the Australian Christian Lobby do with their $7.5 million?”

These two articles were published earlier this month, thus reflecting the issue being explores are ‘fresh’ and ‘current’ in the news. They were also selected from news channels that I follow and remain up-to-date with.

  1. If the items you are going to be discussing are available online, then provide links to the relevant pages.

I have provided the links above in Question 2. Most of our news is accessed online, besides television programs, especially amongst younger audiences, such as myself, due to the mobility of technology. Therefore, I have chosen online articles as they are more flexible to access and record as opposed to print media.

  1. One paragraph summarising what you believe are going to be your primary conclusions.

These two views-journalism articles fall under the issue of gender equality, however, they address the different ways in which gender equality exists: sexism and prejudice towards same-sex marriage. The primary focus will be on evaluating the justifications provided by the authors in support of their principal claim. Through a critical analysis of the justifications, including a reflection on the underlying warrants, we can see how the use of language is employed to manipulate the fundamental principles of the gender, that is the female and male, in order to influence the reader to support the opinion/argument being presented. Further, it will also provide a deep insight into how the employment of such a method undermines the justifications being argued. In other words, both authors have adopted a positive attitude towards gender equality by pitting the gender against the other to justify their principal claim. As a result, the primary conclusions will be on the importance of recognising the need for strong justifications for an opinion or argument.

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