Views Analysis Article 1 Proposal: No Man’s Sky and Gamers as Entitled

  1. The topic or subject area  of the views-journalism items you are proposing to deal with in your 1st written assignment


The analysis article would examine video game journalists’ attitude to No Man’s Sky, a science fiction game recently released that has been argued to be overhyped and failing to deliver on promises the developers made – the piece would analyse views article on the game and it’s marketing from three of the biggest video game media outlets – Polygon, Kotaku and Next Media’s gaming news site Hyper.

  1. The headline/title/name etc of the items  (or a brief designator if a broadcast item) and information on where and when they were published/broadcast


No Man’s Sky:

  • If the items you are going to be discussing are available online, then provide links to the relevant web pages.

    1. One paragraph summarising what you believe are going to be your primary conclusions – i.e.what you anticipate will be the main point of your intended article.


    I believe I will come to the conclusion that all three authors will argue that they expected more from the game and believe the constant feed of trailers, interviews and little hands-on experience prior to the release convinced the community to have unreasonably high expectations that the game would never deliver on. They will use a mixture of facts and evaluations at most, and will briefly recommend strategies both players and developers can use in the future to avoid overhyping, or even detail the potential negative consequences – or at least evaluate the ramifications – of the game being overhyped.



    One thought on “Views Analysis Article 1 Proposal: No Man’s Sky and Gamers as Entitled”

    1. well, it’s difficult to read those articles quickly and in their entirety, because they take such a long while to load with all their various gee-gaws going on in the background.
      but, yes, they are all fairly similar in their main claims – i.e. that the newly released game is not as good as was expected. your task would be to identify each writer’s evidence/justifications for their (sub)claim(s) – such as complaints on reddit (ad populum?), or conjecture about how fast the devs needed to get it out, or promises about interaction that were not kept, and so on.
      PS. i have slightly amended your post so that the titles are hot-linked and so they each open in a separate tab.
      PPS. be careful of spelling: possessive ‘its’ does not have an apostrophe!

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