Media Analysis 4 – Proposal on the debate over Caster Semenya in reference to the Rio Olympics

Drawing upon two comparative online articles, I intend on making the conclusion that although there are many sides to the debate over Caster Semenya (as a hyperandrogenic athlete), the authority has not yet made a decision and thus the public should treat the issue with sensitivity. 

I will be focusing on how each author positions their audience with regards to an ethical debate over fairness of sport and the rights of an individual.

I will be analysing the language techniques employed by each author to best persuade their readers into taking on the underlying worldview. Through the many appeals that the authors make to their readers, I will conclude that the authors interpret their audience as sports fans with a capacity to have empathy and understanding for the controversy that surrounds Caster Semenya. 

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MDIA2002 F10A

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