Tute Exercise MDIA2002 H12A – Sleep Deprivation Article

Meredith Weaver, Nabihah Reza, Nicole Baumli and Sophie Gobbo

1 – We concluded that this article’s central argumentative point is of a hybrid nature, both incorporating evaluative and factual points.


2 – Opinion or argumentative?


There is simple opinion expressed in this article, mainly concerning the credibility of the politicians commenting on the issue. Even though his writing is emotive, we would consider the article more argumentative as he does provide a fair amount of supporting argumentation in the form of factual evidence and precedence (e.g. the 1997 UN committee against tortures rulings).


3 – Does the author offer an explicitly asserted statement of the text’s principal argumentative point?


It was not explicitly stated that sleep deprivation is torture and shouldn’t be legal. Rather, the author goes to great lengths to prove that it is such by incorporating opinions with others that he aligns himself with.

4 – Does the author offer an explicitly asserted statement of the text’s principal argumentative point?


At no point does the author provide his own personal definition of what “torture” is and furthermore, where sleep deprivation fits on the scale. Rather, he references the “United Nations Committee Against Torture,” using their 1997 ruling that sleep deprivation was in fact a form of torture. In this instance, he is aligning his definition with that of the UNCAT, expecting his readers to believe that this is a credible source for information and therefore, he is correct in assuming this definition is the most reliable.



5 –

Claim – Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and should not be legally allowed.


J1 – The UN Committee against torture ruled in 1997 that sleep deprivation IS a form of torture. (Appeal to authority)


J2 –  Australian Diggers who were subjected to sleep deprivation believe it is a form of torture. (appeal to analogy)


J3 – The politicians who believe in sleep deprivation aren’t experts because they have no experience and their opinion is therefore invalid. (appeal to popular opinion/lack of authority)


J4 – Justifying torture lowers Australians to the level of their enemies. (appeal to ethics and negative consequence)

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