Step 1 – Assessment Task 4


Brianna Kerr – 5015548

The subject area I will be analysing is refugees seeking asylum in Australia and how this particular grouping of people are represented, portrayed and positioned to the reader. Recently, a report was released by Amnesty International exposing the horrendous conditions of Australian detention centres and the media has in turn reacted to this. The way the refugees are being presented is as victims and the government positioned as the perpetrators of their suffering. It is an interesting media phenomena to observe so I thought it would be a timely topic to investigate for the final assessment. I have selected four articles from major publications like The Age, ABC and Sydney Morning Herald as well as one article from an independent newspaper, New Matilda. All of the journalistic items I have chosen to analyse provide essentially the same perspective given the current media climate so I predict my findings to be in support of reprimanding the government and supporting the refugees.

Below are my article selections:


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