Step 1: Assessment Task 4

by Grace Parsons (z5063095)

Subject: Donald Trump

Items of interest:

I’d like to examine both written articles and video footage that report on/ discuss Trump (and his campaign). By analysing different mediums, I think it will give an interesting insight into how personal or network bias reveals itself to its readers/ viewers.


Given the amount of poor press that Trump has received, I believe my conclusions will confirm a tendency for news networks and journalists to report on the candidate in a negative manner and fairly explicitly too. I also suspect, broadcast news/ video footage will be more implicit in how they position themselves when compared to written articles.

Sources (so far):


Paul McGeough: ‘We have to consider the idea that Trump is more stupid that he lets on’.

(Online article by the SMH that is explicitly biased against Trump. Heavy use of quotation and hones in on “Obama founding ISIS” comment that was made. Includes footage.)


Steve Robson: ‘Awkward moment Donald Trump tries to kiss girl at Republican rally and she’s not having ANY of it’.

(Online article by the Mirror that is more implicitly biased against Trump. Relates story to sexual assault allegations. Includes footage.)


US Election 2016: ‘US election: anger over Donald Trump gun rights remarks’.

(Online article by the BBC that discusses accusations made towards Trump regarding gun policy and inciting violence. More implicitly biased against Trump. Includes footage and Twitter screenshots.)


Fox News: ‘Donald Trump strikes presidential tone in Mexico City’.

(Online video by Fox News where a panel discuss Trump’s appearance in Mexico City in August. Primarily explicitly biased towards Trump, however there is commentary from more unbiased speakers.)

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