Step 1 – Assessment 4

Agnes Jeong

The main topic that I would like to cover is based on the School Dress Codes implemented by schools in the United States. The controversial issue and its discrimination towards female students has been significantly focused upon by the media, especially since the 21st century. Gender inequality remains a sensitive topic within society and when mentioned, ignites heated discussion. The two articles that I plan to discuss are Laura Bates’ “How School Dress Codes Shame Girls and Perpetuate Rape Culture” and Dave Obee’s “Dress codes still belong in school.” (Currently, I am searching for another article that provides more factual evidence on this issue which could be compared with the two articles I have.)


The main conclusions that I aim to derive are that both articles have the same belief, that current dress codes are ethically wrong and something should be done about it. Also, both pieces are aiming to incite certain behaviours and perceptions from readers through their combination of recommendation, causal and evaluative arguments. Despite both readers illustrating the same view on school dress codes, the first article portrayed a stronger negative opinion on the issue whilst the second attempted to persuade readers with an objective voice.

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