Representation article Step One: Plan of attack!!

By Bridget Murphy 5062047

Q: Briefly indicate the general subject area of the items you plan to cover and indicate, as best you can at this stage, what sorts of conclusions you anticipate you will be reaching with respect to this data. If you anticipate you will be focussing on just a few items – i.e. four or fewer, provide links if possible to this material and very briefly describe their content.

I am planning to continue with the same general topic area as article one, that being issues relating to the Generations. Specifically, I am going to look at how Generation Y and Z are represented in the media.

I am planning on discussing Triple J as the ‘voice of the youth’ or the national youth broadcaster and how they operate in terms of targeting Gen Y and Z so well by projecting the interests of the youth and “siding” with the youth on many issues.

One item I will concentrate on specifically is the Triple J HACK program, and snippets from their feature investigation “The War On Young People”, which provided a young person’s response to issues such as why young people can’t afford houses, why young people are so passionate about climate change and other key socio-political issues.

In terms of other articles to compare and contrast with the aforementioned ideas, I am looking for a range of articles from different publications that target various demographics (I feel that concentrating on social class as well as generational age is important to this discussion) and how they discuss the youth. I am considering delving a little further back into some archived articles to possibly see whether or not some of the negative idea’s of the contemporary youth have travelled over time. For example, say if an article published in 1989 called the youth of the day ‘lazy and entitled’ in the same way that article’s published in 2016 have. A possible discussion on whether this is influenced by engrained social ideas of ‘age = wisdom’ may ensue.

Also, after completing the tutorial preparation for this week (wk 12), I found the idea of collecting ‘research’ of sorts to weave into my article in order to gain some sort of reactionary detail. As my focus area is regarding the generations, and specifically how GenY and Z are represented, it would be quite easy to gather this as I can easily ask the opinions and reactions of my friends (and compare this with my own interpretations), and contrast this with the opinions of my parents or even my grandparents. This is just a thought, but I think it would be interesting to discuss.

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