Media Analysis 2 Proposal – Amelia Chadwick (z5016373), H12A


The topic I have chosen to analyse for this assignment regards a young Australian couple who both have down syndrome (Taylor Anderton 21, and Michael Cox  25) , and the question of whether they should be allowed to follow their dream of having children together.

Much controversy was stirred following the appearance of the engaged couple on Australian Story, where they expressed a strong desire to have children (four to be exact)– much to their parents concern.

Both sets of parents expressed a strong apprehension about this desire, and neither think they should have children. This belief brought into play talks of sterilisation and commentary by the PWDA  (People with Disabilities Australia) who think they should be allowed to.

I will be analysing two articles which present opinionated commentary on the couples desire to have children and the opinions of the parents. Specifically I will explore two oppositional stances adopted in 2-3 opinion pieces:

  1. Supporting the parents opinion they SHOULD NOT be allowed to have children (two articles yet to decide which to use)
  2. Supporting the PWDA outlook that they SHOULD be allowed to have children

One thought on “Media Analysis 2 Proposal – Amelia Chadwick (z5016373), H12A”

  1. you actually need to reference more than two articles for this assignment, although focussing on two for more detailed examples of a certain issue is OK. i’m not sure if the issue you are covering has been canvassed in the media widely enough to provide you with sufficient material to make a general claim about it in your own article. what will be your general claim or findings regarding representation about the issue? how has the issue of downs sydrome couples been represented in the past? what do government and other agencies say about this issue?

    i’d also be careful of typos and the like – you are these days required to present ‘clean copy’ for publication – and indeed, on this website, your article will be available to the general public, including potential employers. i noted a couple of spelling/punctuation errors in your submission here, so please be extra careful with your final assignment.

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