Media Analysis 2 Proposal: Elise Ives 5016678 H12A

Elise Ives 5016678 Media Proposal 2

For the second media article, I would like to focus on the portrayal of powerful women in the media and in this instance focus on Hillary Clinton and her role as a candidate in opposition to Donald Trump.

These two candidates have been a media frenzy within the news, more so than any other presidential candidate, just due to the people that they are and the policies that are upheld.

I want to focus the article around the internal sexism within some news stories and how so the public’s vote may be swayed with each article.

Focusing on Clinton as a highlight and using news articles that portray Trump in a certain way in comparison to her I believe will offer insight into the any sexist connotations behind personality and policy.

Some articles I am considering to use:

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  1. looks like you have a number of articles there which would make good material for your proposed analysis of the representation of hillary clinton. if you came across any older articles describing either of the candidates that might be of interest too – since the spotlight hs been on her for the presidency, it may be that the representation has or has not changed. the more you have in your mini corpus, the better.

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