NEWS FLASH: Do NOT use a hotmail.com address – these will not deliver an email subscription notice and hence you won’t be able to log in!

READ VERY VERY CAREFULLY – If you don’t follow *ALL* the instructions you won’t be able to submit your work here and hence you may not meet the course’s assessment requirements.

You must register, then log in – and then be authorised – to be able to post.

Key points: when registering you must use your university z-number as your username/handle, but MUST NOT SUPPLY YOUR UNIVERSITY EMAIL ADDRESS. Rather you must supply some other email, such as gmail, yahoo etc address.

Now follow all FOUR (4) instructions below carefully– open a new tab and keep it there for reference while you do this…

1. Click on the register link (in the right-hand column) and then supply a user name/handle comprised of your university z-number,

2. ATTENTION: Supply an email address which is not your university email address –  i.e. not one which includes …@student.unsw.edu.au or …@zmail.unsw.edu.au.  (SO use a gmail, yahoo, etc. address.) –> We need you to use a non-UNSW student address because the university email system will not forward emails to you from this site.

3. Once you have registered a username and supplied an email address, an email will be sent to that address with the URL you need to login to the site.  Log in with your username and password – or change the password to one you can remember easily  – and go to the “Your Profile”  page: supply your real name – first and last name. Also, a good idea to change your publicly-available user-ID to your own name.

If we do not recognise your name and number, we will not give you posting rights here for security reasons and to prevent spam.

NB: 1. Note that you can expect a delay of up to 48 hours before you will be upgraded from “subscriber” (the role you are automatically assigned when you first register) to “author”  (the level needed to post your work to the site)  So don’t leave registering to the last minute – you may not be able to post in time.

NB: 2. This site is entirely separate from UNSW’s elearning resources (i.e. entirely separate from MyUNSW, Moodle and Blackboard) and from any WordPress sites you may have used for other courses (e.g. entirely separate from the site used for MDIA2003 – Advanced Media Writing). Accordingly it won’t recognise any previous usernames or passwords you may have created for other sites. So you must register afresh for this site – in order to be able to post your work here.