Second Media Article Proposal – Daniel Caltabiano

The basis of my second media article is centred around the use of media, both news journalism and views journalism, in defining both the ‘left’ and ‘right’ wings of society. Through subtle connotations or explicit opinion, coupled with the authoritative influence of the media itself, the media is used to satiate the need for each side to separate itself from the other. This need is unique, in that is is seen as political foul play to defame a seemingly opposing group, yet it is essential to do so in order to cement one’s beliefs and situate viewers in alignment with your view.

My focus will be on the differing perspectives of free to air television, be that: The ABC; Channel 9; Channel 10; Channel 7, and how media ownership influences the structural techniques, common words and phrases, and images that, through repetition, carry connotations aimed to shape the perspective of the viewership.

The Top 50 Liberal Media Bias Examples

Channel 9 Network

Channel 7 Network

Bingchen Li


Hillary Clinton: Media Item Analysis

For this task, I have chosen to analyse the Democratic Party nominee for U.S. President, Hillary Clinton and her representation on various media platforms such as the New York Times, South China Morning Post, and NewsWeek, Considering the nearing U.S. Election, Clinton would make an ideal subject for character portrayal of the media, especially as a woman politician and with her reported uncomfortable relationship with other big media organisations.

In this analysis I aim to explore how media platforms report on her in association with issues such as her email scandals, her stand on foreign policy, war on terror, foreign ties, medical issues, and other pertinent political topics thrown during the Presidential debate. From this, it is part of the objective to present conclusion-based discussion on whether this media reportage positioned her positively or negatively to the readers / audience.

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Media Analysis 2 Proposal: Elise Ives 5016678 H12A

Elise Ives 5016678 Media Proposal 2

For the second media article, I would like to focus on the portrayal of powerful women in the media and in this instance focus on Hillary Clinton and her role as a candidate in opposition to Donald Trump.

These two candidates have been a media frenzy within the news, more so than any other presidential candidate, just due to the people that they are and the policies that are upheld.

I want to focus the article around the internal sexism within some news stories and how so the public’s vote may be swayed with each article.

Focusing on Clinton as a highlight and using news articles that portray Trump in a certain way in comparison to her I believe will offer insight into the any sexist connotations behind personality and policy.

Some articles I am considering to use:

Media Analysis 2 Proposal – Amelia Chadwick (z5016373), H12A


The topic I have chosen to analyse for this assignment regards a young Australian couple who both have down syndrome (Taylor Anderton 21, and Michael Cox  25) , and the question of whether they should be allowed to follow their dream of having children together.

Much controversy was stirred following the appearance of the engaged couple on Australian Story, where they expressed a strong desire to have children (four to be exact)– much to their parents concern.

Both sets of parents expressed a strong apprehension about this desire, and neither think they should have children. This belief brought into play talks of sterilisation and commentary by the PWDA  (People with Disabilities Australia) who think they should be allowed to.

I will be analysing two articles which present opinionated commentary on the couples desire to have children and the opinions of the parents. Specifically I will explore two oppositional stances adopted in 2-3 opinion pieces:

  1. Supporting the parents opinion they SHOULD NOT be allowed to have children (two articles yet to decide which to use)
  2. Supporting the PWDA outlook that they SHOULD be allowed to have children

Media Analysis 2 Proposal – Sophie Gobbo, z5079355

By Sophie Gobbo, z5079355

A recent matter in the news that I have chosen to use for my second analysis is that of the ‘Budgie 9’ controversy. I plan on interpreting how some articles differ in the way they portray the Australian guys involved and whether any judgement is explicitly made or just implied through certain textual elements.

Some of the articles I have recently looked at are mainly ‘views’ reporting and contain a lot of harsh judgement toward the men.

It would be interesting to see how they were represented in the news in Malaysia, however I predict the conclusion I will draw will be that majority of the articles will represent the men in a negative light, or as doing the wrong thing.

I have noticed some articles use the men’s own quotes against them to make them appear more foolish and highlight the lack of apology they made.

Here are some of the articles I’ve looked at so far:


Media Analysis 2 Proposal- Nicole Baumli H12A

For the purpose of the second media analysis article I have chosen to analyse the way the social issue of changing the date of Australia Day is presented in the media. The speculated issue, has well and truly had its rounds on various news publications, and for this reason I have decided to investigate what the general consensus is on the issue.

I will be looking at a variety of articles, which are listed below


The articles on Sydney Morning Herald, SBS and are all views articles and I therefore predict will demonstrate the opinions of particular audiences. I have chosen three to discover whether the opinions are unanimous or conflicted. The writers past experiences and backgrounds will also be accounted for in identifying their position to the social issue. The ABC transcript, unlike the three, is reflecting the style of news journalism, which I have incorporated regardless to show how far the views articles are from fact.



Nicole Baumli.z5059992 H12A

Assignment Task 4 proposal

For my final written assignment, I am going to be discussing the representation of males in the media who are charged for assault/murder, like the Brock Turner case, and recent local cases in Australia. I am focusing on the images selected for these articles as well as some hard news reporting to analyse the attitude and ideologies represented. I want to compared the factual reporting of these hard news pieces and the language used (looking at transitivity) to the visual analysis of the same images in the articles and other articles that focus on images.

Why We Can’t Call Brock Turner a ‘Rapist’

Alissa Shin z5087997

Media Analysis 2 Proposal – Alex Jones – F12A

Media Analysis 2 Proposal  – Alex Jones

My focus for the second media analysis task will be a comparison analysis on media articles that focus on the topic of abortion in the U.S. In particular, I will use articles that focus on how Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton address the issue of abortion in the U.S. in the current Presidential debate. I will choose several news journalism items which provide essentially the same argument – that abortion should be a decision made by an individual woman and not the government. These are examples of some of the articles I will use for my analysis.



Some articles are more opinionated and some are more news and facts based. I will compare then analytically. I predict that my conclusions will result in articles portraying Donald Trump in a bad light and sympathizing with women and fighting for women’s right for abortions.

Proposal for Assessment Task 4, z5076790, MDIA2002, H12A

Reza, Nabihah – z5076790

The articles I’ve chosen to study focus on Donald Trump and a number of his actions and remarks that are sexist and misogynistic. A few of the articles focus more on sexism and how certain audiences are allowing it to be normalised by accepting Trump’s comments. Others are more focused on Trump’s position in the election, claiming he is not an appropriate candidate considering his history of degrading women. My analysis will conclude that the articles present Trump in a negative light and are intended to convince the audience that sexism is a prominent issue that needs to be addressed.


Donald Trump quotes: The man behind the mouth

Assignment 4 Proposal- Terri Slater- Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

MDIA2002 Assessment task 4- brief outline

Terri Slater, z5091091


I am choosing to focus on option 1- Institutions and other large-scale entities, focusing on child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, and more specifically the investigations into the cases at Ballarat. I will be using a combination of news and opinion pieces that hold opposing views, so I can compare and contrast the author’s viewpoint and level of subjectivity/objectivity. As I plan to use a variety of articles, I am yet to find all my sources, however they will likely consist of both newspaper and news broadcast articles. I assume I will reach the conclusion that each author writes with the assumption that the audience generally agrees with their point of view on the highly sensitive and controversial issue. I may specifically look at articles that discuss the reaction of Cardinal George Pell as well as the allegations made against him of cover-ups as well as child sex crimes that he has committed.