Step 1 – Assessment 4

Assessment 4 Proposal

Cheryl Li


I choose to address the gender equal pay issue on my final assessment. By focusing on this important social issue, I will compare a mixture of news journalism items and views journalism items. They all have common viewpoints about the issue and it is not arguable whether there is a gender pay gap. So the crux of my analysis will be see how different items present this issue multiply and what are the distinct purposes they intend to achieve. It is notable that views journalism items have stronger opinions and want to stir readers’ emotions while news journalism items are more likely to just report the issue. I would like to analyses in what position these articles place their audience and what they hope the audience to believe and behave after reading them.

I will also stress the expressive tone of two different types, which news items normally convey the thoughts more indirectly and subtly while views items are more subjective and aggressive.




News Journalism


  1. Australian men paid an average of 20 per cent more than women

  1. Gender inequality: Women entering jobs today will work 4 years more than males over a lifetime

  1. Gender pay gap to remain until 2069, report says


Views Journalism

  1. It’s Equal Pay Day. It took us 69 extra days to catch up to the men

  1. It’s time to dispel the myth that women’s choices cause the gender pay gap

  1. How common sense shows gender pay gap is a myth